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Xtremely large Puffy Set with Power Mini pump

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Item Number: AP-puff03
Price: $89.00


For those wishing for the truly BIG Puffies, you can't go wrong with this set. 2 and 3/4 inches pumped areole will have you begging for that intimate touch and rub. You and your friends will be truly amazed.

This set includes the Power Mini Vacuum Pump, 2 Xtremely large puffy cylinders, Hose and the"Freedom Connectors" for pump free movement.

For more dramatic and quicker increases, get our pistol type vacuum pump with gauge
Item # AP-puff01
Item # Ap-puff02

For heavy duty use, you may consider our super thick replacement silicone sleeves. Item # AP-PuffSleeve. These sleeves come with a lifetime guarantee not to crack or tear.

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